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        Let's find the root cause to your pain. 

Welcome! You are in the right place. I can help you to dramatically lower it with EFT! Most people feel an instant relief.


How can EFT alleviate your pain? Well...


I take a look at what is painful in your life. It could be trauma, physical/mental/spiritual/emotional pain. We work on those things with EFT to neutralize the emotions that are causing the pain.


Sometimes these things have a root cause in which I would muscle test to efficiently and quickly find that. Then I show you how to process the root issue.

It's such a special and uplifting experience and process.


Would you like to try EFT?  Tap along with me in this video and you can instantly alleviate your stress. 

There are also other EFT videos on my YouTube channel . 

What is EFT?

The Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), which is often referred to as "tapping”, is a safe and popular technique that stimulates acupressure points on the body to eliminate blockages that are causing or contributing to mental, emotional, or physical pain. By consciously tuning into a problem while tapping on specific acupressure points, the energetic blockage is corrected, allowing the body to heal. 

This technique espouses that all pain is based on "a disruption in the body's energy system.” When you eliminate that disruption, the body returns to normal and the symptoms go away, often on the spot. This technique, which was founded by Gary Craig, is being used by literally tens of thousands of people (including healers, counselors, life coaches, and laypersons) throughout the world. It is highly successful in healing anxiety, depression, phobias, low self-esteem, nail biting, PTSD, headaches, back pain, physical pain, addictions, and much more. It is also highly beneficial as a tool for performance enhancement and for eliminating blockages to creating happy, successful lives.


  • Properly applied, more than 80% achieve notice improvement in a single session.

  • Often works where nothing else will. 

  • Results are rapid, painless, and often permanent 

  • No drugs or equipment involved 

  • Can be learned for everyday life struggles

  • Has no known negative side effects

  • Permanently eliminates the core issues related to the overall problem

See how it all comes together

in this video from Gary Craig,

 the founder of EFT.  

Enjoy the complete EFT experience in your own peaceful environment.


All sessions are remote.

About Me




What I do

  I facilitate a session by helping people (and pets too!) to find the pain and blocks in their life and the cause of them, and effectively eliminate them by using the emotional freedom technique.  Its truly amazing to see someone walk away feeling so much better!  I absolutely love what I do.

My EFT Story

In response to a question that I asked in one of my Facebook groups, a very kind lady suggested a tapping video for me to try on YouTube.  I had never heard of tapping or EFT before, but was open to most anything.  It was very basic, but helped me so much! The very next day I noticed that my brain was working differently, in such a great way.  I started to do more and more research about it, and continued to work on myself with things that came up, ie triggers, limiting beliefs and such.  I loved how I was feeling!  I decided that I wanted to move forward and get the certifications needed so that I could help others.  Since then, I have been able to successfully get rid of my debilitating migraines after just one tapping session.  I have been able to get some of my hearing back, after a lifetime of being partially deaf.  My hearing aids do not have to work near as much as they did before, and I can even go without them in some instances now. That was never possible before. I have alleviated any depression and anxiety that I have felt.  I have got rid of many limiting beliefs that were absolutely damaging to my dreams and goals in life.  Without all of the “baggage” running through my brain, my mind is so much more clear and positive!  I feel like a new woman, and I am so excited to help others now. 


So far, I have SUCCESSFULLY worked with Adults and children who have had many different aches, pains, limiting beliefs, addictions, childhood and adult traumas, PTSD, anxiety, depression, and success blocks.  EFT/tapping can help with these things and so much more.  Once these blocks are gone, its amazing to see how much better people feel after a session, and how much more they can accomplish as they move forward. 


This works so well with animals too!  My family recently adopted a Boston Terrier.  His name is Sir Kingston.  We love him so much, but like many adopted animals, they can come with some major baggage, and bad habits.  Kingston came to us on 20mg of Prozac a day.  This is a human size dosage!!  After working with Kingston, he is off of the Prozac completely, and is a very happy, well balanced, and loving dog.  There is not an ounce of anxiety left in him. 


Let’s get rid of the things that hold you back from success and feeling great, to be able to move on to have a fulfilling and rewarding life.  There is so much that can hold us back, and without those things, health is restored, and life begins. 

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