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Could Negative Thoughts and Emotions Hurt Us?

Updated: May 1, 2019

My answer is, yeeeeeeeeeessssssss! Many people think that if they block things out or try to forget about traumatic things in their life, they will just go away. They are actually still there whether you think about them or not. Our subconscious mind doesn't let things process until we, well, process them.

I grew up with many people always telling me to suck it up, or cowgirl up, or chin up. Yes, it can help at the time, but the very best thing to do is to process the emotions in an effective manner. Eventually these unprocessed emotions create havoc in our bodies and have great potential to create pain and disease in our bodies.

I absolutely do not suggest that anyone wait to process emotions after a loved one has passed away or after any traumatic event in your life. And certainly, if you have trauma from the past, let's get that taken care of asap! Many studies have brought to light this lesser known truth, that negative emotions over time will turn into pain in your body, and sometimes even disease. Your body doesn't know what to do with them and so it creates pain from painful or negative thoughts, memories, or instances.

Have you ever known something was wrong with you, but the Dr. says that there is nothing wrong? I've been there! Its so frustrating. In this case I would highly suggest booking a session to see me. Pain in the body doesn't show up until there is something wrong. Its highly likely that at least some of the pain is from an emotional standpoint. Doctors used to focus more on healing the root cause of the problem. Now, all too often, they give you medicine for the symptoms only. That doesn't get rid of the root problem. Lets get rid of the root problem. I can definitely help with that. After all, our bodies are designed to heal!

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