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Updated: Dec 11, 2022

I felt the desire on Saturday morning to write a post on loss. Little did I know that just a few hours later I would be experiencing my own loss. We lost our family dog that same afternoon. Dogs in our house get the very best and are loved just as each member of the family is. We are all empaths and so we experience high, highs, and low, lows of emotion. This was devastating to us especially since it was an accident and he was hit by a car in front of our house.

The reason why I share this with you is because it is the first time I have experienced loss and grief since having EFT as a tool. Up until now I have felt that as long as the person is mourning a loss in a positive and timely fashion, that EFT isn't needed immediately. I found out the hard way! I absolutely believe that it is an amazing tool to help throughout the grieving process!! Saturday I tried everything to shut off my tears. I tried everything to no avail. My husband sat down with me and I figured out the emotions involved and I muscle tested for the proper order to release them. We felt such a relief. It took the edge off. We have been able to grieve in a positive manner. We will continue to tap as needed to help throughout the process.

I am so grateful to have EFT in my life now. I have had to deal with another loss of a very special dog a few years ago and it was excruciating to me. I lost my Father a few years ago, in another excruciating blow. Loss is just plain difficult no matter who or what it is. EFT is the perfect tool to have whether a loss just happened in your life or whether it's been many years ago. What is very important in the process is that the negative emotions do not creep in and that the emotions do not get out of control and disturb life. This is possible with EFT. Keep in mind that extreme emotions will hurt us and our health. It does not take away from the love that you had for the person or animal. EFT doesn't make you forget about them, it actually makes it so you can grieve positively and properly. It makes it so you feel closer to them, under the circumstances. It's beautiful.

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Updated: May 19, 2019

It's time to give your body permission to heal! Self-care and self-love starts right here. Medications can contain chemicals that toxify our bodies. Our bodies were made with powerful ways to heal themselves.

Did you know that 80% of our physical AND mental pains are emotional? So, why not start with someone that knows how to alleviate the problem? Why continue to go to the Dr when all they can do is give you medicine that only covers the issue? I have a very high success rate of alleviating the pain from the very root of it. I recommend to always start with emotional care first, then a Dr. I mean, an 80% chance is way better than 20%, right? Doctors bills can pile up, and especially if they cannot find what's causing the problem. EFT works especially well in these cases too, because the problem is usually rooted in an emotion, which is something Doctors cannot detect, or fix. There is an 80% chance that your Doctor cannot do anything to get rid of the issue at hand.

Healing naturally rather than taking toxifying medications should be the first choice, right? It just makes sense. By using EFT and muscle testing, I can find the core imbalance, get rid of it, and send you away feeling amazing.

Do not get me wrong! 20% of the time medications and Dr visits are warranted. 80% of the time, they are not. What is best for our bodies? Toxic chemicals or to heal quickly and naturally? If you're choice is healing quickly and naturally with no toxic side effects, then its high time to book a session with me! Contact me with any questions. Book a life changing session now at

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I share this post with special permission. I recently had a client, a young teenager, that got into a biking accident. His shoulder was injured greatly and he described the pain to me as a 10 (on a1 to 10 scale). This is the worst pain that he had ever felt, hence the 10. He very clearly had a physical injury, but we sometimes forget about the trauma and strong emotions involved in an accident like this. I was able to help him get his pain down to a 6.5. 30.5% of his pain was emotional pain from the accident! I asked his Mother how he was doing the next day, and she said that the wound itself had even began to heal very quickly over night!

I have worked with people with heart disease and he was able to quit some medication, after just one session.

I have worked with people that had depression and anxiety, and they got off medication.

I got myself off of migraine medication and completely got rid of them with tapping.

Finally, I have two herniated discs in my lower back That's pretty permanent, right? My pain level has absolutely dropped dramatically after getting rid of the emotional factor of my back injury. I am able to move better and I've been able to exercise more. It has allowed me to move forward in life.

There is a movie on Netflix called "Heal". I highly recommend watching this movie. It chronicles a lady who was a runner, and ate a very healthy diet. So, of course it was a shock that she got cancer. She decided to do chemotherapy, but learned that her emotional state had a huge part to her getting the cancer in the first place. Her emotional state held the keys to the root cause of her cancer! I can't tell you how important it is to keep your emotional state healthy and find a way to process the old stuff and to keep up on the new stuff. Like the photo to this blog post says, if you knew how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think another negative thought.

This is where I come in. I help you to process these things. I highly recommend two back to back sessions and then upkeep once a month in the very least. Bring on the healing!

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