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Our Bodies were Made to Heal Themselves

Updated: May 19, 2019

It's time to give your body permission to heal! Self-care and self-love starts right here. Medications can contain chemicals that toxify our bodies. Our bodies were made with powerful ways to heal themselves.

Did you know that 80% of our physical AND mental pains are emotional? So, why not start with someone that knows how to alleviate the problem? Why continue to go to the Dr when all they can do is give you medicine that only covers the issue? I have a very high success rate of alleviating the pain from the very root of it. I recommend to always start with emotional care first, then a Dr. I mean, an 80% chance is way better than 20%, right? Doctors bills can pile up, and especially if they cannot find what's causing the problem. EFT works especially well in these cases too, because the problem is usually rooted in an emotion, which is something Doctors cannot detect, or fix. There is an 80% chance that your Doctor cannot do anything to get rid of the issue at hand.

Healing naturally rather than taking toxifying medications should be the first choice, right? It just makes sense. By using EFT and muscle testing, I can find the core imbalance, get rid of it, and send you away feeling amazing.

Do not get me wrong! 20% of the time medications and Dr visits are warranted. 80% of the time, they are not. What is best for our bodies? Toxic chemicals or to heal quickly and naturally? If you're choice is healing quickly and naturally with no toxic side effects, then its high time to book a session with me! Contact me with any questions. Book a life changing session now at

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