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Can I Reap the Rewards of EFT While Seeing a Doctor?

Updated: May 1, 2019

Absolutely! Many people have been under a Dr's care for an issue for a very long time. Some have been on medication for that same issue for just as long. Why not try something different to compliment your current therapy? EFT works right along with what you are already doing. I will never tell someone to quit taking their medication, but I have had Doctors reduce or completely take people off of their medication, after working with me. What I am doing is getting to the root of the issue. If something is not working, try something different.

I highly suggest giving EFT two sessions to start with. The reason I say this, is because there is usually the issue to deal with, as well as the underlying issues. Sometimes we can work through something in one session, and sometimes it will take more time. It took a long time to gain the issues, and sickness, and disease.

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